{{ON THE STEPS OF THE RISEN LORD Saturday of the second week of Easter}}

Saturday of the second week of Easter

Fear not !
When the Lord is with us, we need not to fear. We may encounter the raging winds of adversity, or be lost on the sea of uncertainty in the dark night of a hopeless world ... the Lord our God is our stronghold.
When the apostles saw Jesus coming towards them walking on the sea, they were in great panic ! But as soon as they recognized him and were ready to welcome him into their boat, they were filled with peace and joy of Christ, and, Alléluia, they instantly reached the shore at the place they were going to (cf. Jn 6, 16-21).
The Lord knows where you are going to. He knows what your vocation in life is, and only He has the will and the power to lead you through by the way that is best at the suitable pace. You only have to welcome your divine Shepherd "into your boat", into your heart and life, and discern with his help the way you should go.
When the Apostles saw the bitter opposition between the 2 components of the young community of believers, they remembered their Shepherd was with them. They calmly discerned that 7 proved men had to assist at the tables. The 7 spirit-filled men received their office, peace and joy came back into Community of Jerusalem, and the Gospel spread widely (cf. Ac 6, 1-7). The Lord our God is our stronghold. Fear not.

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